Saturday, May 5, 2012

Entering the second trimester

We are now 13 weeks and 1 day gone, which places us firmly into our 2nd trimester. Hurray!

As I look back on our first trimester, I wanted to share some of the important moments and experiences.

We found a licensed midwife in our hometown of Everett, Wa and had an initial consultation and our first appointment. At our first appointment I got to hear our baby's heartbeat on the fetal Doppler. It was amazing. Beating along at 160 beats per minute. We have also regularly been able to find the heartbeat with Jason's stethoscope, which has been a great relief when I am wondering what's going on in there. I look forward to feeling movement.

Yesterday, 5/4/12, we had an ultrasound and got to see our baby jumping around, sucking it's thumb, and mooning us as it kept trying to turn away from the imaging. Upon first glimpse of our baby's profile, I couldn't help thinking that it looks just like Jason. :) They counted the heartbeats, still at 160 beats per minute. We were supposed to be at 12w3d, but was told that we were measuring at 13 weeks. This changes our estimated due date to Nov, 9th 2012. I can't wait, and apparently baby shares the sentiment because s/he is rushing right along. This ultrasound measured the nuchal fold to determine if there is any indication of genetic problems. The fold looked perfect.

Most of the first trimester symptoms are beginning to ease up. I still feel exhausted midday, and brushing my teeth regularly brings on the sickness regardless of the time of day. I have less food aversions now, and I'm beginning to gain some food cravings. At the moment the top of my craving list are these little buns with cream cheese and jalapeƱos baked into them from our local Mexican bakery. Mmmmmmm. :) Beans have regularly made an appearance in my cravings too.

Please see the next post for all our ultrasound photos thus far.

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