Saturday, May 5, 2012

Ultrasound photos

These are the photos and ultrasounds from our IVF and resulting first trimester. Enjoy!


This is a picture of the two embryos which were placed back into my body after fertilizing in a petri dish. This is what they looked like 3 days after fertilization, when they were only 9 and 10 cells big. This picture was takers on February 23rd 2012, the day or our embryo transfer (when they were placed into my uterus). One of these embryos implanted into my uterus and turned into the creature in the pictures below it. :)











Next is an image from our first ultrasound when we were 5w2d pregnant. The dark area in the center of the ultrasound is the amniotic sac, and in the lower right hand corner of the amniotic sac is tiny white ring. This ring is the yolk sac that sustains the embryo until the placenta takes over towards the end of the first trimester. Cool!


At 7w2d pregnant, we returned for another ultrasound to confirm a fetal heartbeat. The image below shows the bugger measuring at 7w6d with a strong heart beat at 136 beats per minute. This was the confirmation we needed to graduate from working with the reproductive endocrinologist to normal low risk prenatal care witan midwife. Yay!


Finally, at 12w3d (on 5/4/12) we returned for the last ultrasound from our first trimester. We were so excited to see how our little one was progressing. What we saw was so remarkable. Our baby was measuring at 13w0d, which changes out estimated delivery date to 11/9/12. This ultrasound showed our baby flipping around and sucking it's thumb, and again the heartbeat measured at 160 beats per minute. Everything looked very good and the baby is 69 mm long, or roughly 2.7 inches long from perfect crown to cute little rump. Here's the facial profile:


And the whole body profile below. Can you see it's leg? Wonderful!



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