Friday, July 20, 2012

Could this be vacation?

After finally finishing nearly everything that I needed to complete at our home. I spent a weekend with friends on Camano Island and then headed up to my family's vacation home on Decatur Island in the San Juan Islands. I arrived on Decatur on 7/18/12 and will remain here (with a couple overnight returns to mainland) until 8/1/12.

It has been so wonderful to be in a place with so much calm, quiet and fresh air. Every day offers an itinerary of nothing or anything as I see fit. This morning I will row to the end of the cove and pull up our crab pot in hopes that I can feast on some dungeness crab for dinner.

The last couple weeks have brought a flurry of baby activity inside me. What started around 17 weeks with a slight shudder feeling in my uterus has slowly progressed into definite kicks, rolls, and jabs. This is most noticed when I am resting or sitting. There are very clearly awake times for the baby and sleeping times, and they generally are negatively correlated with my awake and sleep times. Fortunately, as this point the movement is generally gentle and, in fact, often lulls me to sleep at night. Waiting for gentle nudges from within is a bit like counting sheep.

The next midwife appointment is on 8/2/12, at which time I will have my fasting blood sugar tested, get a note of clearance to fly, and pick up a copy of my paper medical record to bring with me to Nairobi to give to my new provider...whomever that may be. 

Thanks to modern technology, Jason and I have been able to keep in regular contact with each other across about ten thousand miles. We have spoken with and viewed each other through Facetime nearly daily. It makes such a difference when we are so far apart to be able to see each others faces. Jason introduced me to some of the other fellows in his program today by walking his computer around with Facetime running. He also introduced me to the security personnel at his housing, who seemed very nice and also very shocked to learn that they were seeing me in real time from Washington, USA.

I'm off to hunt some crab.

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