Thursday, July 12, 2012

And the running joke is...

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind of frenzy and activity as we have prepared to move to Africa for a year. We spent every day clearing the home and either selling, gifting or throwing things away. It is amazing how much stuff one can acquire in a short time, and even more amazing how long it takes to get rid of it all.

We had a significant help from Jason's parents, who were at our home nearly daily to help out. I am sure that we could not have gotten everything done without their help.

On June 28th we had another ultrasound and baby is doing very well. Here is a picture of our baby, though it is a bit hard to make out,since our baby was holding its nose the entire ultrasound.


On July 9th, this last Monday, Jason left Seattle for Gaborone, Botswana where he is participating in 3.5 weeks of training and orientation for the upcoming year. The night before he left we had a dinner with both sides of the family at his parent house. It was great to have everyone together for one last time before his departure. That night we slept at his parents home and the next morning we had breakfast at 13 Coins before I took Jason to the airport. It was hard to say goodbye to Jason, after spending the last 6 years together without more than a single night away on rare occasion. We are both so excited for this adventure, and so we focused on his need to leave in order for me to join him in a month. I told him how proud I am of him, and how happy I am to share my life with him. A kiss and a hug and he disappeared into the airport.

After dropping Jason off I ran some errands and returned to my parents home where I will be living for the next month when I am not in the San Juan Islands. There is a still a bit of work to be done at our house, mainly cleaning and yard work. My mom has been a tremendous help in getting the rest of the house finished and ready for our renters.

And so the running joke is: I am turning 31, pregnant, unemployed, my husband left me (with good intentions), and I just moved back in with my parents. Hurray!

Yesterday,the only car we hadn't sold yet broke down and is no longer running. So I guess I can add car-less or driving my parent car to the list above.


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